Evercontact Pricing for Zoho CRM: Everything You Need to Know

📈 Get More Out of Zoho CRM with Evercontact’s Advanced Features and Affordable Pricing Plans

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Evercontact pricing for Zoho CRM. If you’re looking to streamline your sales and marketing processes and increase productivity, you’ve probably already explored Zoho CRM’s powerful functionalities. However, to get the most out of this tool, you need to integrate it with other third-party tools like Evercontact.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Evercontact and its pricing plans for Zoho CRM. We’ll explore the features and pricing options available, highlight the benefits of using Evercontact with Zoho CRM, and answer frequently asked questions about the service.

💬 What is Evercontact?

Evercontact is a cloud-based tool that helps you capture and organize contact information from your email messages, social media profiles, and business cards. With Evercontact, you can automatically create or update your Zoho CRM contacts, leads, and deals without manual data entry. Evercontact uses AI and machine learning algorithms to recognize and extract contact information from any source, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

🔍 How Does Evercontact Work with Zoho CRM?

When you integrate Evercontact with Zoho CRM, the tool automatically synchronizes your contact data in real-time. You can choose the fields you want to include in your Zoho CRM records, such as name, email address, phone number, job title, and company. You can also create custom fields to capture additional information.

Once you set up the integration, Evercontact scans your email messages, social media profiles, and business cards and updates your Zoho CRM contacts accordingly. You can also manually import contacts from CSV files, Google Contacts, LinkedIn, and other sources. Evercontact also offers a browser extension that automatically captures contact information when you browse the web or use Gmail.

🤑 How Much Does Evercontact Cost for Zoho CRM?

Evercontact offers three pricing plans for Zoho CRM: Basic, Plus, and Premium. The pricing plans are based on the number of contacts you want to manage and the level of support you need. Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

Plan Price per Month Contacts Managed Support
Basic $19.99 500 Email Support
Plus $29.99 2,500 Email and Phone Support
Premium $49.99 Unlimited Email, Phone, and Chat Support

All plans come with a 30-day free trial, no credit card required. You can cancel or upgrade your plan at any time.

👍 Why Should You Use Evercontact with Zoho CRM?

Integrating Evercontact with Zoho CRM offers several benefits:

1. Save Time and Reduce Errors

Manually entering contact data is time-consuming and prone to errors. With Evercontact, you can automate the process and ensure accurate and up-to-date contact information in your Zoho CRM records.

2. Increase Productivity

By eliminating manual data entry, you can focus on more important tasks, such as engaging with prospects and closing deals. You can also use Evercontact’s advanced search and segmentation features to find and filter contacts based on specific criteria.

3. Improve Customer Experience

Having a complete and accurate view of your customers and prospects enables you to provide personalized and relevant experiences. Evercontact ensures that you have the most up-to-date contact information and can communicate with your contacts in the channels they prefer.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions About Evercontact Pricing for Zoho CRM

Q1. Is Evercontact compatible with other CRM systems?

Evercontact integrates with several other CRM systems, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and more. Check Evercontact’s website for a full list of integrations.

Q2. Can I import contacts from other sources besides email and social media?

Yes. Evercontact supports importing contacts from CSV files, Google Contacts, LinkedIn, and other sources.

Q3. How secure is my contact data with Evercontact?

Evercontact takes data security and privacy seriously. The tool is GDPR compliant and uses encryption and secure servers to protect your data. Evercontact also offers a data processing agreement (DPA) for businesses that require additional data security measures.

Q4. Can I customize the fields I want to include in my Zoho CRM records?

Yes. Evercontact allows you to choose the fields you want to include and even create custom fields to capture additional information.

Q5. How does Evercontact handle duplicates in my Zoho CRM records?

Evercontact has built-in deduplication algorithms that ensure that no duplicate records are created in your Zoho CRM account. If Evercontact detects a potential duplicate, the tool will notify you and let you merge the records manually.

Q6. Can I use Evercontact for personal contacts?

Yes. Evercontact has a personal plan that allows you to manage up to 5,000 contacts and sync them with your Google Contacts account.

Q7. How do I cancel or upgrade my Evercontact plan?

You can cancel or upgrade your Evercontact plan at any time from your account settings. If you cancel your plan, your contacts and data will be permanently deleted after a grace period of 30 days.

📌 Conclusion: Streamline Your Sales and Marketing Processes with Evercontact Pricing for Zoho CRM

We hope this guide has helped you understand Evercontact pricing for Zoho CRM and the benefits of using this tool to streamline your sales and marketing processes. With Evercontact, you can save time, increase productivity, and improve customer experience by automating contact data entry and management.

Don’t wait any longer to try Evercontact for yourself. Sign up for a free trial today, and see how easy it is to manage your contacts with Zoho CRM and Evercontact.

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