What is CRM ID for Subaru?

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Welcome to our article about CRM ID for Subaru. If you’re a Subaru owner or a potential buyer, you might have come across the term CRM ID, and you’re probably wondering what it means. Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explain what CRM ID is, its importance, and how it affects you as a Subaru customer.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a critical component of modern businesses. It helps companies manage their interactions with customers, improve relationships, and increase sales. Subaru, a popular Japanese car manufacturer, has also adopted CRM to manage its customer data.

The Subaru CRM system revolves around a unique identifier called CRM ID. This ID is essential for Subaru to maintain customer records and provide personalized services to its customers. This article aims to help you understand what CRM ID for Subaru is, how it works, and why it’s important for Subaru customers.

What is CRM ID for Subaru?

CRM ID for Subaru is a unique identifier assigned to each Subaru customer. It is a 12-digit code that Subaru uses to keep track of customer data, including purchase history, service records, and contact information. The CRM ID is generated automatically when a customer purchases a Subaru vehicle or contacts Subaru’s customer service.

How does it work?

Every time a customer interacts with Subaru, the CRM system records the interaction and stores it under the customer’s CRM ID. This way, Subaru can track the customer’s purchase history, service records, and other relevant information. When a customer contacts Subaru’s customer service, the CRM system pulls up the customer’s information from their CRM ID, making it easier to provide personalized service to the customer.

Why is it important?

The Subaru CRM system and the CRM ID are essential for providing personalized services to customers. With the CRM system, Subaru can analyze customer data and provide customized services, including personalized offers, recommendations, and service reminders. The CRM system also helps Subaru track customer satisfaction and improve its services.

Table: Subaru CRM ID structure

Position Description
1-2 Regional code
3-6 Dealer code
7-8 Model year
9-12 Serial number


1) Do I need to know my CRM ID as a Subaru customer?

No, as a Subaru customer, you don’t need to know your CRM ID. The CRM ID is for internal use by Subaru.

2) Can I change my CRM ID?

No, you can’t change your CRM ID. The CRM ID is assigned automatically and cannot be modified.

3) Will Subaru share my CRM ID with other companies?

No, Subaru won’t share your CRM ID with other companies. Your CRM ID is strictly for Subaru’s internal use.

4) Can I access my CRM ID online?

No, as a customer, you don’t have access to your CRM ID. Only Subaru’s employees have access to the CRM system.

5) How can I contact Subaru if I have questions about my CRM ID?

You can contact Subaru’s customer service if you have questions about your CRM ID. They will be happy to assist you.

6) Can Subaru use my CRM ID to contact me?

Yes, Subaru can use your CRM ID to contact you regarding service reminders, updates, and offers.

7) How long does Subaru keep my CRM data?

Subaru keeps your CRM data indefinitely to provide you with personalized services and track your purchase and service history.

8) What happens to my CRM data if I sell my Subaru?

Your CRM data will remain in Subaru’s records even if you sell your Subaru. The new owner will get a new CRM ID when they purchase the vehicle.

9) Can I delete my CRM data from Subaru’s records?

No, as a customer, you can’t delete your CRM data from Subaru’s records. The CRM data is necessary to provide personalized services to you.

10) Can I check my Subaru’s service records using my CRM ID?

Yes, you can check your Subaru’s service records by contacting Subaru’s customer service. They will provide you with the necessary information using your CRM ID.

11) Can I transfer my CRM data if I buy a new Subaru?

No, your CRM data is tied to your previous Subaru vehicle. When you buy a new Subaru, you will get a new CRM ID.

12) How do I know if my Subaru has a CRM ID?

All Subaru vehicles sold in North America have a CRM ID assigned to them by Subaru.

13) Is my CRM data secure with Subaru?

Yes, Subaru takes customer data privacy and security seriously. They have implemented strict measures to protect customer data, including the CRM data.


CRM ID is an essential component of the Subaru CRM system. It helps Subaru manage customer data and provide personalized services to its customers. As a Subaru customer, you might not need to know your CRM ID, but it’s good to know that Subaru is using it to improve its services.

If you have any questions or concerns about your CRM ID or Subaru’s CRM system, don’t hesitate to contact Subaru’s customer service. They will be happy to help you.

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As you can see, the CRM ID is essential for Subaru to provide personalized services to its customers. If you’re a Subaru owner, make sure you keep your contact information up-to-date to receive the latest offers and service reminders from Subaru.

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The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute professional advice or recommendations from Subaru. We recommend that you consult Subaru’s official website or contact their customer service for the latest and most accurate information about CRM ID and Subaru’s CRM system.