Everything You Need To Know About ZipForms for CRM


Greetings, dear readers! Are you looking to improve your business process, save time, and reduce costs? If you are, then this article is for you! The real estate industry can be very demanding, and managing all the paperwork, transactions, and client information can be a tedious task. Fortunately, technology has provided us with various tools that can simplify our work, and one of them is ZipForms for CRM. In this article, we will explore what ZipForms is, how it works, and how it can benefit your business.

What is ZipForms for CRM?

ZipForms for CRM is a cloud-based software application that provides real estate professionals with a comprehensive platform for managing their business operations. It is designed to streamline workflows, improve productivity, and help agents close deals faster. ZipForms can be integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, enabling you to manage your contacts, transactions, documents, and other essential data from a single platform. It is an excellent tool for improving your efficiency and productivity while also enhancing your customer experience.

How Does ZipForms for CRM Work?

ZipForms for CRM works by providing you with a customizable platform where you can manage all your business operations. You can create forms, contracts, and other necessary documents within the platform, and it also allows for electronic signatures. The software is cloud-based, meaning you can access your data from any device, anywhere, and at any time. You can also integrate it with your CRM software, allowing you to manage your contacts and transactions more efficiently. Other features of ZipForms for CRM include:

Feature Description
Templates and Forms Provides you with access to over 200 forms and templates for managing your business operations.
Electronic Signatures Allows you and your clients to sign and execute documents electronically, saving time and reducing costs.
Cloud Storage You can store and access your files and documents on a cloud-based platform, enabling you to work remotely and collaborate with other team members.
Task Management You can create tasks, assign them to team members, and track their progress.
Reporting and Analytics You can generate reports and analyze your data to track your business’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Benefits of Using ZipForms for CRM

There are several benefits to using ZipForms for CRM, including:

1. Improved Efficiency: ZipForms eliminates the need for manual paperwork, saves time, and streamlines your workflows, allowing you to complete tasks faster.

2. Better Organization: With ZipForms, you can store all your documents and files in one place, making it easier to find what you need and stay organized.

3. Enhanced Collaboration: ZipForms allows you to work with other team members, share files and documents, and collaborate on tasks, improving your team’s productivity.

4. Cost Savings: With ZipForms, you can reduce the costs associated with printing, mailing, and storing physical documents.

Overall, ZipForms for CRM is an excellent tool for real estate professionals looking to improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer experience.

FAQs About ZipForms for CRM

1. What is the Cost of ZipForms for CRM?

ZipForms for CRM offers various pricing plans, ranging from $20 per month to $110 per month, depending on the features and services you need.

2. What are the System Requirements for ZipForms for CRM?

ZipForms for CRM is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

3. Is ZipForms for CRM Secure?

ZipForms for CRM employs strict security measures to protect your data and documents. It uses SSL encryption to ensure secure data transmission and offers two-factor authentication to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your files and data.

4. Can I Customize the Forms and Contracts in ZipForms for CRM?

Yes, you can customize the forms and contracts in ZipForms for CRM to suit your business needs. You can add your company logo, change the font and color scheme, and more.

5. How Can I Integrate ZipForms for CRM with My CRM Software?

You can integrate ZipForms for CRM with your CRM software by using the Zapier integration or the API integration.

6. How Can I Learn More About ZipForms for CRM?

You can visit the ZipForms website to learn more about the features and benefits of the software, or you can contact their customer support team for more information.

7. What are the Payment Options for ZipForms for CRM?

ZipForms for CRM accepts payment via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

8. How Do I Cancel My ZipForms for CRM Subscription?

You can cancel your ZipForms for CRM subscription by contacting their customer support team or following the cancellation instructions on their website.

9. Can I Use ZipForms for CRM on Multiple Devices?

Yes, you can access ZipForms for CRM from any device with an internet connection, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

10. Does ZipForms for CRM Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, ZipForms for CRM offers a 14-day free trial so you can test the software before committing to a subscription.

11. What Languages Does ZipForms for CRM Support?

ZipForms for CRM supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

12. Can I Use ZipForms for CRM Offline?

No, ZipForms for CRM is a cloud-based solution that requires an internet connection to function.

13. Can I Access ZipForms for CRM from Anywhere?

Yes, you can access ZipForms for CRM from anywhere with an internet connection, making it an ideal solution for remote work and collaboration.


ZipForms for CRM is an excellent tool for real estate professionals looking to improve their efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. With features such as templates and forms, electronic signatures, cloud storage, task management, and reporting, ZipForms for CRM provides a robust platform for managing your business operations. By using ZipForms, you can streamline your workflows, save time, reduce costs, and improve your team’s collaboration and productivity. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we highly recommend giving ZipForms for CRM a try.

Don’t wait any longer; try ZipForms for CRM today and experience the benefits for yourself!


In conclusion, ZipForms for CRM is an excellent software application that can help real estate professionals streamline their operations, save time and money, and improve their customer experience. However, it is essential to note that ZipForms is not a substitute for legal advice or professional services. Always consult with legal or professional counsel before making any decisions that may impact your business or clients. Additionally, the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. We do not endorse any specific product or service mentioned in this article, and we encourage you to do your research before making any purchasing decisions. Thank you for reading!